Self service checkouts first hit UK stores back in the nineties, and they are now becoming a staple feature in many supermarkets up and down the country. So, in celebration of this fast and efficient technological device, we’ve come up with 10 reasons why we just love these innovative systems.

1. No Queues
There’s nothing more annoying than a queue, especially when you only have a few items and the person in front of you has a trolley load. Self-service checkouts have made waiting in queues a thing of the past, as you can just walk on by those busy shoppers, buy your few items in a flash and you’re out the door.

2. No Small Talk
Shopping after a long day at work or in the home can be stressful enough at times, so adding on the awkward small talk between you and the cashier can only make your day feel all the more painful. As unsociable as it sounds, we all have those days when we just want to buy our shopping, cutting out the small talk. As you don’t have to deal with a member of staff, retail kiosks can be a much more appealing option when all you want is some time to yourself.

3. No Shopping Politics
Do you move the next person bar for the person behind you or should you leave them to get it themselves? Should you wait for a member of staff to return with a fresh bottle of milk for the customer in front of you or head into another queue? Well, you don’t have to ask yourself any of these things with a self service kiosk. You just wait your turn, scan your goods and avoid the shopping politics. Simple!

4. Trustworthy Customers
Stores place a great deal of trust in the customers’ hands when they provide retail kiosks, as there is no member of staff putting each and every item through the till. Using the self service till will make you feel like a trusted customer, and will probably boost your confidence in their services.

5. Time Saving
As stated before, you don’t have to wait in queues or make small talk when using a retail kiosk; therefore, you’ll save yourself a significant amount of time. So you can get home in a flash and use your day more productively; maybe even slipping in a little time to watch your favourite TV show or just to sit back with a cup of tea – or something stronger – and unwinding on the sofa. Ah, bliss!

6. Pack Own Shopping
We know they mean well, but some retail employees will attempt to pack your bags but will do it all wrong. They’ll put your fresh chicken in with your beans or your ice cream in with a freshly baked loaf. They’re in a rush to get to the next customer that they’ll just place the items in any old way. However, when you go through the self-service area, you can pack your bags the way you want and in your own time.

7. Less People in the Store
You have to hate walking around a store only to be greeted with umpteen trolleys and a lot of people carrying baskets. Self service kiosks eliminate queues in a fast manner, meaning there’ll be less people to hog up the aisles. So you can browse the store at your leisure, instead of having to walk around the other way to avoid that long queue.

8. Easy to Use
Self service systems are designed to get rid of queues in an efficient manner, so they’re very easy to use. You don’t have to mess around with one hundred different buttons or codes. You simply scan your item and place your money or card in. It’s that simple.

9. Plenty of Bags
If you ask me, cashiers can be a little stingy on the bags sometimes, and this can make the shopping process a whole lot slower and more awkward. As we’ve just stated, self service checkouts are designed to get rid of queues quickly, so there are always bags at hand to help customers get through the area in a flash.

10. Many Options
When you visit a supermarket, you can often be confused about whether it’s a cash or card only till, and you sometimes don’t find out until you’ve scanned your items and the cashier is sitting in front of you. Most retail kiosks will take both cash and card payments, so you don’t have to worry about all the fuss when it comes to paying for your items.

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